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A photo is light and time. The idea that a photo preserves something is intriguing. So I wanted to literally put light and time in a Mason jar. On each mason jar I wrote a specific time and date to correspond with an important historical event. The jar marked August 6, 1945 at 8:15 AM, for instance, is a photograph of the bombing of Hiroshima. Other jars/photos represented the first moonwalk, the Ali vs. Frazier fight in Manilla, the Kennedy assassination, etc. I was also playing with the idea that, due to photographs, we all have these visual memories of things that we did not actually experience. A person born in the 1980s recalls a visual image of Martin Luther King, for instance, upon mention of his name.

This was part of an instructional exhibition called "All the world's a Photograph; the People are but Cameras." I also turned the gallery into a camera obscura.

"All the World's a Photograph; The People are but Cameras" instructional exhibit.
Photo Preserves
mixed media